Find My Check Valve
  • DFT® HI-100® Severe Service Control Valve

    The HI-100® features an in-line Straight-thru, venturi flow design. The seating element, a spherical ball, is contained by a cage that positions it relative to the downstream seat by means of linear stem travel. There are no close clearances between the moving parts (i.e. cage, ball and seat). These features enable the valve to operate smoothly and efficiently at high or low temperatures, and/or in fluids carrying suspended particles such as slurries. The Quick Change Trim feature permits in-line replacement of the internal trim (ball, stem, cage, seats, seat retainer cartridge and wear bushings). Interchangeability of the upstream and downstream seats and wear bushings extends the life of the valve at no extra cost.

  • DFT® Ultra-Trol™ Flanged Abrasive Service Control Valve

    The ULTRA-TROL® is designed for lined pipe applications requiring flanged end connections. The internal design features are similar to the HI-100™. They include the in-line through ported venturi flow shape and the contained spherical ball. These basic features enable the valve to operate smoothly and efficiently at high or low temperatures and in slurries. The ball, cage and stem can be easily replaced in-line without removing the valve from the line. The downstream seat is end loaded for quick replacement.

  • DFT® LSV-100® Control Valves

    The LSV-100® Control Valve is an economical control valve designed for flanged applications. Trim is replaceable in the field through the bonnet. Construction is Carbon or Alloy Steel with stainless steel internals. Other materials of construction are available upon request. Can be used for modulating control or for on/off gas, liquid and steam applications. Class IV shutoff is standard.

    Top guided, unbalanced, single seat trim. This style trim is suitable for pressure drops up to 600 psi in a non-cavitating environment. Your most economic choice for standard control applications.

  • DFT® MSV-100™ Control Valves

    Our unique venturi ball design provides superior control, long life and low maintenance costs for moderate pressure drop applications. The MSV-100™ is designed for flanged applications. Seat replacement is accomplished on the bench.