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  • DSV® Sanitary Check Valves

    The DSV® is an in-line spring-assisted check valve designed to prevent flow reversal in industries with strict cleanliness codes. To accommodate various piping arrangements, the DSV® is available as a "Vertical" or "Horizontal" valve. The Horizontal valve is for Horizontal lines requiring a self-draining valve. The "Vertical" design is for "Vertical" installations and "Horizontal" lines when a self-draining valve is not required. The DSV®, with a 316L stainless steel body and seat, is fastened with a quick release clamp and elastomeric body seal to permit fast and easy access to the internals. The disc and seat are lapped to provide excellent shutoff.

    The DFT® sanitary check valves meet 3-A Standard 58-02 and certified Clean in Place. Applications include pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage/beer, food, dairy industries and others.

    Standard Features:

    • Meets 3A Sanitary Standard 58-02
    • Sizes 1/2" thru 4"
    • 150 CWP, 108 ANSI Pressure Class
    • 316L Body and Seat (A351 CF3M)
    • 316 Disc, Spring and Guide Assembly
    • 32 Ra Internal Surface Finish (#4 Ground Finish)
    • Options:
      • 15 Ra Internal Finish
    • CIP (Clean in Place)
    • Clamped Ends
    • Seat Leakage per MSS SP-61
    • Edge-Guided Disc: 1/2" thru 2"
    • Edge/Center-Guided disc: 2 1/2", 3", 4"
    • Lapped "metal" Seat and Disc
    • Springs:
      • Low Cracking Pressures
      • 0.16 psig to 0.66 psig
      • Conical Design
      • Electropolished Finish
    • Standard Gasket Body Seal:
      • EPDM (300ºF Max Temperature)
    • Spring-Assisted Silent Closing
    • Horizontal or Vertical Installation