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The DFT® Basic-Check® valve is a versatile all-purpose, spring-assisted, in-line check valve that provides reliable, low maintenance service for a wide range of liquids and gases at various pressure/temperature combinations. The valve consists of a guard cage, spring, valve disc, retaining ring and seat. It can be combined with pipe fittings such as reducing couplings, drain elbows, etc. to form a complete check valve unit ideally suited for a broad range of pipeline applications or incorporated into machinery for OEM applications. The metal-to-metal sealing area of the Basic-Check® valve’s disc and seat is precision lapped, providing very tight shut-off of both gas and liquid. If bubble-tight shut-off is required, resilient soft seats are available.
Unit of Measure



N/A Basic-Check®


N/A 0.38 inDN 10

Line Size Inlet (FNPT) A

N/A 0.38 in


N/A BS316S

Outside Thread (MNPT) B

N/A 1.00 in

Friction Loss (Feet of Pipe)

N/A 7

Friction Loss (Meter of Pipe)

N/A 2.1
Valve Cracking Pressure1 N/A 0.6 psi16.7 in.water424 mm.water31.1 mmHg0.041 bar

Valve Cracking Pressure Tolerance

N/A ±10%

Approx. Net Weight Each

N/A 0.38 lb0.2 kg
Cold Working Pressure2
N/A 0 psig2500 psig0 barg172 barg




N/A 5.8

Available Soft Seat Materials

Available Soft Seat Materials3 N/A Buna-N (-70 to 250°F) EPDM (-75 to 300°F) TFE®-Viton® (-40 to 400°F) Viton® (-40 to 400°F) Zelon® (37 to 470°F)

Codes and Standards


N/A B1.20.1


N/A SP-25



  • 1/4" to 2 1/2" Line size
  • 450 to 6000 CWP
  • Threaded ends
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Spring-assisted silent closing
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Tight shut-off - lapped disc & seat
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Versatile



  • Inconel® 750 Spring
  • Soft seat


N/A Autoclaves Boiler Feed & Discharge Chemical Lines Compressor Discharge Condensate Lines Cookers Cooling Towers Crude & Refined Product Lines Cryogenics Digester Evaporators Fly Ash System Generator Inlet & Discharge Hydraulic Lines Metering Pumps Mine Dewatering Nitrogen Purge Process Lines Pump Discharge Refrigeration Steam Lines Vacuum Breaker Water Lines Water Treatment



N/A {0}
  • 1 Cracking pressure for vertical flow will be slightly different: upward flow, slightly higher; downward flow, slightly less.
    Not recommended for use on discharge of reciprocating compressors.
  • 2 Contingent on service ratings of matching pipe and fittings.
  • 3 Soft seats are not available for the Style BSE check Valve. Buna-N and Viton are not suitable for steam service.